The streets of Zurich: Langstrasse: Vegan treats

This is the second post on Langstrasse, the street featured in this and next week’s The Streets of Zurich series.

As I wrote in my previous post, Langstrasse is known as Zurich’s red light street. The vast majority of food places here are rather veggie-unfriendly (e.g. doner kebab stands) and I knew it wouldn’t be easy to find much for vegetarians. What about vegans, I wondered. How much choice do they have on Langstrasse?

Since we’re talking about a red light district, there are a few restaurants & cafés women would do better to stay away from (and this has nothing to do with the food per se). So considering only places that look safe enough to hang out at, here are four vegan treats one can look forward to on Langstrasse.


Edamame make a great appetizer or side dish for vegans. I had some really good ones at Lily’s, an East Asian restaurant I reviewed a couple of days ago. The serving is quite generous and there are more than enough soybeans for two people.

Price: 8,00 SFr.

Address: Langstrasse 197, 8005 Zurich



French fries

Every single doner kebab stand and fast food restaurant on Langstrasse sells French fries, which in most cases happen to be the only vegan option. Anytime is a 24-hour supermarket with take-out service. Besides several Middle Eastern dishes, they also serve very conveniently-priced large portions of French fries.

Price: 5,00 SFr.

Address: Langstrasse 18, 8004 Zurich

Website: NA

French fries

Potato & cabbage soup

Although Langstrasse is not as veggie-friendly as other areas in Zurich, it does have one of the city’s exclusively vegetarian restaurants! Samses has a pay-by-weight vegetarian buffet with many cold and hot dishes. Their soup of the day makes a perfect lunch starter on a chilly winter afternoon. In my opinion, Samses is the restaurant vegetarians and vegans should head straight to when they’re on or near Langstrasse.

Price: 6,50 SFr.

Address: Langstrasse 231, 8005 Zurich




Tiramisù is one of my favorite desserts. Sadly enough though, my egg-allergic skin keeps me away from it (and from many other yummy desserts). So you can imagine how happy I was four years ago when I discovered Samses‘s vegan tiramisù. It tastes really good and non-vegans, too, should give it a try!

Price: 7,50 SFr.

Address: Langstrasse 231, 8005 Zurich



8 responses to “The streets of Zurich: Langstrasse: Vegan treats

  1. Miret, writing as somebody who lives close to Las Palmas’ right-light district, as a vegan you could enjoy papas arrugadas con mojo and tortilla española. The rest of the dishes are more flesh-orientated. It’s a meat market, after all.

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