The streets of Zurich: Seefeldstrasse: Iroquois

This is the second post on Seefeldstrasse, the street featured this week in The Streets of Zurich blog post series.

As I mentioned in my previous post, Seefeldstrasse is the street I walk down every day from my place to get to pretty much everywhere in Zurich. This also means that Seefeldstrasse is the street I am most familiar with here in Zurich, though it does not necessarily mean that I’ve been to every single restaurant on the street!

Earlier today I decided to have brunch at a place I’ve always wanted to check out: Iroquois, a restaurant and café serving US American and Mexican dishes.


Their menu might not be extremely veggie-friendly, but the atmosphere is so pleasant and the decor so pretty, that it is worth checking it out even if – like myself – you’re a strict vegetarian.


Every Saturday and Sunday, Iroquois serves an American-style brunch from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Their brunch menu includes a wide range of egg dishes and omelets, as well as a few breakfast combos.


Being the cheese addict I am, I ordered a cheese platter together with a bread basket, which also included a croissant.



I also had Birchermuesli, a Swiss cereal-based breakfast dish. It came with a whip cream topping, which is very unusual in Switzerland, but I didn’t mind at all!


As I wrote above, the decor of Iroquois is really pretty. Less pretty, perhaps, but very funny, is the ladies’ restroom sign… Quite an original one, don’t you think?




  • Bread basket, incl. croissant, butter, and jam, 9,50 SFr.
  • Cheeese platter, 12 SFr.
  • Birchermuesli, 11 SFr.
  • Latte macchiato, 5,50 SFr.


Address: Seefeldstrasse 120, 8008 Zurich

Opening hours: Mon-Fr, 11 a.m.-midnight / Sat-Sun, 8:30 a.m.-midnight


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