5 responses to “Foodie travel photo of the day

  1. Hello!

    True, but: You should say “Schlagobers” if you want whipped cream. “Obers” without “Schlag” is simple cream. “Schlagen” means “to beat”, i.e. the whipping part.


    • Hello!

      You are absolutely right about the precise meaning of the word (I do speak German ;-)), but e.g. in most Aida cafés in Vienna, the waitress would simply say “Obers” meaning the whip cream on the Aida mélange or other specialties… It’s just quicker to say, I guess! 😉

      • Hello!

        Interesting but strange. I would never say “Ich hätte gern einen Kaffee mit Obers”. And never heard someone saying that. I would say “mit Schlag”, if I wanted to say it quicker.

        But as long as the waitress/waiter brings the right kind of coffee the world is o.k., isn’t it? 🙂


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