The Makati Luxury Sling at The Fairmont Makati, Manila [guest post]

[Blog post by fellow flâneuse Jaillan, editor of Savoir There]

The Singapore Sling is probably one of the world’s most legendary cocktails; it conjures up colonial decadence even for those who don’t quite know the history of its creation at Raffles Singapore’s famous Long Bar.

Fairmont Makati

First mixed by Mr. Ngiam Tong Boon, either in 1910, 1913, or 1915 depending on whom exactly you believe, the precise recipe is up for heated discussion, with the origin of the pineapples used for the juice and the addition of Benedictine still being debated over 100 years later.

Fairmont Makati

Whatever the exact recipe, a new twist has been put on the drink by Raffles and sister hotel the Fairmont Makati at the heart of The Philippines buzzing capital, Metro Manila.

Fairmont Makati

In the city’s most prestigious neighbourhood in the midst of the best shopping and culture the city has to offer, here at 1 Raffles Drive (can you imagine a better address?) No. 10 Gin, Sirop de Monin Cherry Blossom, Grand Marnier and fresh pineapple juice are blended by the impeccably uniformed barman with flakes of 24 carat gold to produce a new Sling dubbed The Makati Luxury Sling.

Fairmont Makati

You can enjoy this liquid-luxury-in-a-glass under the signature palm ceiling fans of The Long Bar itself, where the tradition is to eat monkey nuts then toss the shells carelessly on the floor – behaviour and subsequent crunching underfoot which takes some getting used to especially in a refined environment like this.

Alternatively you can take your drink in the plush and comfortable lobby bar at the Fairmont, which is joined to Raffles via an impeccable marble corridor, perhaps as a kick of decadence to your afternoon tea.

If neither of these options is swish enough for you, try drinking it at one of the two rooftop pools at the hotels while looking over Asia’s pulsating mega city from the relaxing sanctuary of your sun lounger, and decide for yourself if the new twist or the old favourite is your cocktail of choice.

Fairmont Makati


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11 responses to “The Makati Luxury Sling at The Fairmont Makati, Manila [guest post]

  1. Glad it inspired so many of you to consider Manila as a gastronomic destination – the two cocktails in the top photo are a Singapore Sling and Makati Luxury Sling side by side, so I could ‘compare and contrast’. It’s a hard life eh!
    I’ve now added some info about the food scene in Manila to my own site too, feel free to take a look 🙂

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