Lunch at… La Tastaolletes

A few days before flying to Valencia, I prepared a list of six vegetarian restaurants I wanted to check out. Unfortunately, not all six were open when I was there, but I did manage to go to two of them. I wrote about my lunch at Restaurante Ana Eva in a previous post. The second restaurant I went to was La Tastaollettes.


A short walk away from the pretty square Plaza Carmen, La Tastaollettes is popular among locals for its creative vegetarian cuisine.


I went with a friend who is fluent in Spanish. Yet, we did not look like locals, let alone were we regular clients. Why would that matter? Judging from the impolite treatment we got versus the friendly and attentive service other customers got, I gathered it might have mattered for some reason.

Still, don’t ask me why, but we decided to stay and placed our order.


Being a huge goat cheese addict, I definitely couldn’t miss the baked goat cheese starter. The cheese was served with a red wine sauce and topped with sesame seeds.


My friend went for a bulgur tabbouleh, a Middle Eastern salad. It was a rather different tabbouleh from what you’d typically get in other restaurants, though.


As for the main course, I ordered a lasagna. There were two different lasagnas on the menu and I went for the vegan version.


My friend ordered ravioli with red pesto sauce, which is made of dried tomatoes, Parmesan cheese, and pine nuts.


La Tastaolletes‘s veggie cuisine is indeed creative, just as the restaurant’s motto suggests. What a pity, though, that the service was so unfriendly, because the food tasted really good and was beautifully decorated. There’s definitely room for improvement service-wise.



  • Baked goat-milk cheese, 6 €
  • Bulgur tabbouleh, 8,50 €
  • Vegan curry lasagna, 11 €
  • Ravioli with red pesto sauce, 9,50 €
  • Bread, 1 €
  • Mineral water, 1,50 €


Address: Salvador Giner 6, 46003 Valencia

Opening hours: Tue-Sat, 2 p.m.-4 p.m. & 9 p.m.-midnight / Sun, 2 p.m.-4 p.m.

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