4 under the lens: Street food in Valencia

Valencia, Spain’s third largest city after Madrid and Barcelona, is a foodie’s paradise. Think (veggie) paella, tapas, good wine… What more can a foodie ask for?

Here is a review of four street foods I had during last week’s trip to Valencia. All spots mentioned below are very centrally located.

Ratings: Outstanding / Very good / Mediocre / Bad / Terrible


I was attracted by the modern decor of a small bakery on Carrer de la Bolseria, close to the Central Market. The seller was very friendly and explained the ingredients of all empanadas in his shop. There were three veggie empanadas and I went for the one stuffed with bell peppers and onions. Very delish!

Rating: Outstanding

Price: 1,10 €

Address: Pan Creativo, Carrer de la Bolseria 15, 46001 Valencia



Tapas are synonymous with Spanish cuisine and definitely a must-have when visiting Spain. I dropped by Lizarran, a very short walk away from the City Hall. The tapas bar had around 40 warm and cold tapas varieties, but only three of them were veggie. I tried two cheese tapas, one of them topped with three different types of cheese. They tasted good, though not exceptional.

Rating: Mediocre

Price: 1,50 € each

Address: Lizarran, Plaza del Ayuntamiento 8, 46001 Valencia



You can’t visit Valencia without having paella at least once. The original Valentian recipe consists of saffron rice, meat, beans, and sometimes snails. However, quite a few restaurants in Valencia also serve vegetarian paella. I had a very good veggie paella from Tasta’m, a take-out shop on Calle de Maria Cristina, located between the City Hall and the Central Market.

Rating: Very good

Price: 3 € (smaller sized take-out box available for 2 €)

Address: Tasta’m, Calle de Maria Cristina, 46001 Valencia


Apple & cinnamon muffin

Street food doesn’t have to be savory. If you fancy something sweet, many of the bakeries in Valencia selling empanadas also sell cakes and other sweets. When I got the empanada from Pan Creativo (see above), I also treated myself to an apple and cinnamon muffin. It looked very attractive and tasted even better than it looked!

Rating: Very good

Price: 1,60 €

Address: Pan Creativo, Carrer de la Bolseria 15, 46001 Valencia


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