Lunch at… Al Grande Cerchio

In today’s age of Internet and social media, there are many channels through which one can get unbiased travel and restaurant tips: Facebook, Twitter, TripAdvisor.. and blogs, of course! Yet, nothing quite compares with a friend’s personal suggestion.

When a friend living in Milan told me about a very good vegetarian restaurant not too far from the hotel where I was staying (Milan Marriott Hotel), I knew I had to check it out. So I went there for lunch yesterday at around 1  p.m.

Al Grande Cerchio is a vegetarian-only restaurant close to the Wagner underground station, in a residential district near Milan’s main trade fair center.

The restaurant has two floors and a simple, yet colorful decor.

As I took a seat, the waitress brought over fennel herbal tea and water. I must admit that I hate tea, but I did drink it. Its taste was very neutral.

Al Grande Cerchio

They had several dishes on their lunch menu, including four pizzas (one with red chicory & Scamorza cheese). I was particularly intrigued by the orange risotto with ground peanuts, though. And I’m very glad I ordered that – its aroma was so captivating!

Al Grande Cerchio

The whole grain bread was very good, too.

Al Grande Cerchio

The portion of the risotto was very good, but I still felt a little hungry and decided to try one of their vegan desserts. They had pear cake and chestnut cake (castagnaccio) on their lunch menu. I went for the pear cake, which tasted really good.

Al Grande Cerchio

I really enjoyed my lunch at Al Grande Cerchio. The place reminded me of Mohini, an Ayurvedic restaurant in Zurich that I reviewed sometime ago.

I am also pleased to see Milan catch up with other European cities, offering strict vegetarians a good range of dining options.

As I was about to leave, the owner – Maria Marangelli – gave me a copy of the restaurant’s recently published cookbook. That was a really nice gift! I will definitely be trying out some of the recipes soon. So watch this space!

Al Grande Cerchio



  • Orange risotto with ground peanuts, 8,00 €
  • Vegan pear cake, 4,00 €
  • Herbal tea & water, free of charge



Address: Via Buonarroti 8, 20145 Milan

Opening hours: Mon-Sat, open for lunch and dinner

8 responses to “Lunch at… Al Grande Cerchio

  1. The orange risotto sounds very interesting! 🙂 I love lemon risotto, so I know I’d like orange as well. 🙂

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