My foodie week in Vienna

Happy new year everyone!

I just got back from a lovely foodie week in Vienna and have so much to tell you about! But before that, here’s a quick list of food spots I checked out – both old and new. Detailed blog posts to follow soon.

(Click on restaurant names to go to website.)


I went several times to my favorite branch, the one on Rotenturmstrasse, and once to the branch on Opernring. As usual, the mélange (coffee, milk, whip cream – 3,20 €) was great and the service very friendly.


Bakery, Hotel Daniel

I had read rave reviews about this place, so decided to check it out for lunch. The falafel sandwich and French fries (13,00 €) were okay, not more. But the service and the atmosphere were good.


Café Central

I could not visit Vienna without having an Eiskaffee at Café Central. Not only is this place one of the very few coffee houses serving Eiskaffee in the winter season, but it also has the best Eiskaffee in town … which is also one of the cheapest Eiskaffees you can get in Vienna (5,10 €)!

Café Central

Café Diglas

I went to the branch on Fleischmarkt (not the main one on Wollzeile) for a diet coke (3,60 €). The service and atmosphere were okay, but far from exceptional.

Café Landtmann

This is the place where Sigmund Freud used to spend his afternoons. I went there for one my favorite Viennese coffee specialties: Mozart Kaffee (8,00 €), made of coffee, whip cream, almonds, chocolate liqueur. The coffee was great and the service excellent.

Café Landtmann

Café Prückel

I went there for a latte (3,90 €) in the morning. The service was very good service and the atmosphere nice (the place gets extremely busy in the afternoon).

Café Prückel

Café Sperl

This place was a big disappointment. I wanted to order a coffee, better never got the chance. I was saddened by the terribly unfriendly service.


I went there for breakfast, placed my order, but it never arrived. After waiting for 45 minutes, I decided to leave. This was not the first time I was disappointed by their service.

Halle im MuseumsQuartier

I went to this restaurant located inside the museums’ district for lunch and ordered a risotto with grapes, nuts, and gorgonzola (10,20 €), as well as a cheese platter (10,00 €). Both food and service were great.

Halle MQ

Kurkonditorei Oberlaa

I went to the branch on Landstrasse for a diet coke (3,20 €). Both service and atmosphere were good.

Renaissance Imperial Riding School Vienna

The hotel’s breakfast buffet was stunningly lavish and the service was very good.


I went to this vegetarian fine-dining restaurant for a nine-course dinner on New Year’s Eve (98,00 €). The food tasted great and the service was excellent. [Blog post]



I went to the branch on Mariahilferstrasse for a quick lunch and had a pizza margherita (6,50 €). The pizza tasted very good. I liked the red interiors.


Zanoni & Zanoni

I went there several times: for a latte (3,00 €), a rice-milk ice cream (3,20 €), a cheese sandwich (3,40 €), a bruschetta margherita (5,00 €)… Both food and service were always very good.


Zum Moghulhof

This is an indian restaurant very close to the museums’ district. I went there for lunch and ordered a veggie platter (12,50 €). The food tasted really good and the staff were very friendly.

Zum Moghulhof

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