My travel top 3 list – 2012

Inspired by Monocle’s Travel Top 50 list, for which Monocle’s editors have selected 50 things from their travels this past year that they felt were exceptional, I decided to write down my own travel top list.

But I kept my list shorter than Monocle’s and selected three things that I really enjoyed and would recommend.

Long-haul flight with Austrian from Vienna to Toronto

I was impressed by the quality of Austrian’s in-flight business class catering (by DO&CO). As I wrote in an earlier post, the quality of the food was really exceptional.

My favorite memory of the entire flight? The yummy Eiskaffee, of course!



Breakfast at Café Norden in Copenhagen, Denmark

I wasn’t hungry at all when I passed by Café Norden on my first day in Copenhagen. Still, I was too tempted by the sight of the lavish breakfast a group of friends were having in the outdoor seating area not to take a seat and order something myself!

I loved every bite. This was one of my best meals this year.

And Copenhagen itself is a gorgeous city!



Bus Turistic in Barcelona, Spain.

Although I usually avoid “tourist activities” as much as possible, I must confess I loved all three routes of Barcelona’s hop-on-hop-off sightseeing tourist bus operated by Bus Turistic. I actually got quite addicted to it during my four-day stay in June!

It was fun to hop on and hop off at whatever sightseeing spots I wanted and the tour allowed me to see quite a lots of places in just a couple of days.

I cannot wait to visit Barcelona again!



14 responses to “My travel top 3 list – 2012

  1. I try DO&CO on Turkish’s flight :)… salad was fresh and chocolate mousse delicious!!!! A very good airline catering company! :))

  2. Hate to admit it Miret, but I’m going for that flight. The food really does look fantastic & it’s oh so much fun to be pampered in the sky! I’m embarrassed to confess I get regular cravings for Qatar’s Arabic breakfast:-)

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