Champagne, Barolo wine, and flour: A dynamic equilibrium

Ask people what they associate Italy with and the answers you will get are most probably: stunning architecture, exclusive fashion labels, and … delicious food. And rightly so.

I am sure you can easily understand why I could not say no to an invitation to attend two food blogger events in Milan. The events were organized by Carlo Vischi, who heads two cookbook series at publishing houses Trenta Editore e Malvarosa Editore.

I was particularly impressed by the event held at Hotel Milano Scala, the city’s first and only zero emissions hotel (blog post coming soon!).


The theme of the four-course dinner was “Champagne, Barolo wine, and flour”. Just reading that made me drool – who wouldn’t?



Wine consultant Marco Chiesa guided us through the wines of the evening.

The dinner started off with Charles Heidsieck Brut Reserve Champagne, a bubbly with notes of freshly baked pastry. It accompanied a salad with mushrooms, dried tomatoes, and chestnut-flavored cookies.



The appetizer was followed by gnocchi (my favorite pasta!) prepared with buckwheat flour and served with tomato sauce and smoked Ricotta cheese. The accompanying wine was a 2006 Barolo “Tebavio” wine from the vineyards of Tenuta L’Illuminata.



Then came the third course: Rabbit with chocolate sauce and rye bread. As a veggie, I didn’t eat that, of course. But the organizers were so kind that they prepared an extra vegetarian dish only for me! So I had tofu with grilled vegetables, instead of the rabbit. The third wine of the evening was also a Barolo “Tebavio”, but one year younger than the previous one: 2007.



The dessert of the evening was panettone, the traditional Christmas cake originally from Milan. The cake (by Salvetti Bakery) was prepared with chestnut flavor and served with vanilla cream, as well as a glass of Ratafia liqueur.



I enjoyed all wines and dishes, and most of all I enjoyed the great company of fellow Italian food bloggers. Their deep passion for Italian food is so pleasantly addictive! Or as an Italian would say: “Una meraviglia!”

20 responses to “Champagne, Barolo wine, and flour: A dynamic equilibrium

  1. Wow! Sounds like an extraordinary meal. The gnocchi (which are my favorite too) look scrumptious; but, what I’m really dreaming of is a bite of that chestnut flour panettone. Nothing says Christmas quite like a good panettone!

  2. My.Mouth.Is.Watering! That looks simply divine. I had an amazing risotto while in Milano with an older man I met on the train… no funny business there, just a lonely man wanting to show me around (yeah, right!) It was a fabulous meal though, Love Italy. sigh sigh sigh

  3. That all looks divine and I’ve made the mistake of reading it on an empty stomach! I have only been to Milan once on a short visit but I can honestly say I ate well there!

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