New blog post series: The streets of Zurich

If you’ve been following this blog for a while, you’ve probably realized how deeply I love the city I live in, Zurich.

I’ve been in and out of Zurich several times over the past eight years and now that I’m back, I am really looking forward to re-discovering this amazing city.

So I’ve decided to start a new blog post series from January 2013. Every two weeks, I’ll be taking you for a foodie’s stroll on a street here in Zurich, telling you about new and old cafés / restaurants, interviewing restaurateurs, showing you yummy food pictures…

Zurich has so much to offer and I’m really excited about sharing my foodie stories with you!

And I am, of course, open to your foodie suggestions! If you know of any new restaurants I should check out, any new veggie dishes on a menu I should taste, or restaurateurs / chefs with interesting stories I should interview… please do drop me a line at flaneriefeminine[at]gmail[dot]com

  • Jan 7 – Jan 20 Bahnhofstrasse
  • Jan 21 – Feb 3 Limmatquai
  • Feb 4 – Feb 17 Seefeldstrasse
  • Feb 18 – Mar 3 Langstrasse
  • Mar 4 – Mar 17 Forchstrasse
  • Mar 18 – Mar 31 Bleicherweg





14 responses to “New blog post series: The streets of Zurich

  1. This is a fantastic idea! I look forward to getting to know Zurich through your posts – and hopefully one day go to the places you’ll be writing about. I am especially interested in interviews, because you know how much I like those. 🙂

  2. Love these photos! Also, I think it’s such a great idea to showcase the smaller neighborhoods and areas of Zurich. Looking forward to reading your new series.

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