Coming in 2013: 10 fellow flâneurs

Today is flânerie féminine‘s 3-month-birthday! And to celebrate this exciting landmark, what better than an exciting piece of news?

It is my greatest pleasure to announce that starting in January 2013, ten exceptional bloggers will be contributing to flânerie féminine on a regular basis.

I am an avid follower of their blogs and I love the stories and photos they share with their readers. Their posts will bring new perspectives on food and/or travel to flânerie féminine, making it an even more enjoyable read! 😉

Please do check out their individual blogs, too – I know you’ll love their blogs as much as I do.

I also asked them to answer three questions by way of introduction. You’ll find their answers below.

Stay tuned for upcoming posts from these ten flâneurs!


Andrea from My Life in Reverse & Curious in Vancouver is a Vancouver-based artist and travel blogger. She started blogging last year when she went to Europe for six months. Here on flânerie she will be blogging on the restaurant and café scene in Vancouver.

  • Favorite city travel destination? Paris. I think I might have been born in the wrong place. I love Vancouver, but Paris just really did it for me. I could just walk for hours there soaking it all up.
  • Most memorable meal while traveling? In Santorini, Greece. My friend and I were celebrating our birthdays and we splurged on a really nice meal with the most amazing view of the caldera. We drank rose, ate mussels, pasta and seafood and watched the sunset. It was one of the best meals I had during six months of European travel, and made even better by one of my best friends coming to join me in Greece.
  • 2013 travel plans? My travel plans next year include Toronto, New York, Whitehorse, Yukon and Inuvik, North West Territories. A few good spots for some culinary adventures.

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Anisha from A Niche World is a former BBC TV & radio news reporter now turned freelancer. She will be sharing with us her travel experiences in emerging travel destinations.

  • Favorite city travel destination? I visited Beirut a month ago and found huge admiration and adoration for a city that’s been through so much, historically, yet lives so defiantly and vibrantly. The contradictions are astounding with beauty yet edginess, historical yet modern, wealth yet under-the-radar… and Lebanese mezze & wine!
  • Most memorable meal while traveling? On the rugged Northern coast of Indonesia’s Bali lies Pemuteran. Puri Ganesha is a raw food haven comprising just four giant beachfront villas. All meals are homemade by the owner. She made me and my boyfriend a candlelit five-course meal on a private beach with waiters, wine, and a four-poster bed immersed in the rugged beachside nature. It was a dream and still feels like one: I felt pampered and at peace in spectacular surroundings at sunset.
  • Top city destination on your 2013 travel list? Khartoum, Sudan: dusty, noisy, wailing Arabic music in the streets, coffee ladies on corners, donkeys, hawkers, huge souks, museums, ancient temples… and all with virtually no tourists!

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Cristina from Un’Oca in Cucina is an Italian food blogger who splits her time between Milan and Pavia, two cities with a renowned culinary tradition. She will be sharing with us her favorite vegetarian recipes from Italy.

  • Favorite city travel destination? London – definitely. London for me is like a modern Babylonia where everything is possible. I love the Docklands, which used to be part of the Port of London, once the world’s largest port.
  • Most memorable meal while traveling? At Antica Corte Pallavicina near Parma. Almost all ingredients they use are home-produced by Massimo Spigaroli, a one Michelin starred chef. The restaurant has fascinating views on the river Po!
  • 2013 travel plans? My travel plans for 2013 include trips to Vienna, London, Rome, and Venice. As for longer trips, I’m undecided between New York and China!

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David from In Mozart’s Footsteps is a music professor in the US who leads trips to take music lovers to the musical capitals of Europe. He will be blogging on musical sites in Vienna.

  • Favorite city travel destination? Vienna. I have been there countless times, and have written a book on its musical sites that is published in English, German, and Chinese. I am now finishing another book on the musical sites of Vienna, and one on Salzburg. The city also gave me a very special award in 2008 – the Golden Medal of Honor. That was quite a thrill.
  • Most memorable music performances? Berlin Philharmonic conducted by Claudio Abbado in the Musikverein in 2001 performing Beethoven’s Ninth. Amazing. Also, Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau performing a recital of Hugo Wolf lieder at the 1995 Salzburg Festival. He lived the music.
  • 2013 travel plans? These will be the trips I lead. In March, I take university students to Vienna and Prague, and in May, I take adults to Salzburg, Vienna, and Prague. After the tour ends in Prague, I will probably spend a few days in Venice because I want to start leading trips there in a couple of years.

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Jaillan from Savoir There is a London-based travel blogger, writer, and editor. She will be writing about great places to have cocktails.

  • Favorite city travel destination? London. I know it so well, yet I see something new and exciting every day here. Outside London I also love Copenhagen, but I’m a city girl at heart so I love all cities really.
  • Most memorable meal while traveling? At Dinner On The Rocks at Pangkor Laut, an island resort off Malaysia’s west coast and Pavarotti’s favourite place in the world! It is a fine dining experience perched on the rocks overlooking the Malacca Straits while stringed instruments are strummed alongside your table – cheesy perhaps, but somehow it was magical!
  • 2013 travel plans? I have just booked a one-way flight to Seoul, will continue onto the Philippines, and am planning to spend the first month of 2013 in Asia. I’m also currently shortlisted to win a two-week trip to the Cook Islands – so fingers crossed!

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Jeanette from Global Grazers is a travel blogger and mother of four, presently based in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire. Here on flânerie she will be blogging on the restaurant and café scene in Abidjan.

  • Favorite city travel destination? Delhi. I am fascinated by Delhi’s many layers of history, from ancient to modern.  I love the diverse cultures, the contrasts, the cacophony and the food. Delhi is a city of foodies, with a restaurant for every occasion and any taste.  I also adore the little hideaways in the midst of the city, like Lodhi Gardens, where you feel as if you’ve been transported to another time and place.
  • Most memorable meal while traveling? At Dwarika in Kathmandu, Nepal. The food was exquisite. I will never forget our arrival at Dwarika, which is set on a hill with gorgeous views of the valley. The entire place was lit with oil lamps, in whose twinkling lights the beautifully carved Nepali doors and windows seemed to come alive. We were then seated in a cozy room on cushions placed in a circle on the floor. Tea and rice wine were poured all night from high above our heads into impossibly tiny cups placed in front of us on the floor. It was magical.
  • Top city destination on your 2013 travel list? We’re still arguing about this one. That’s the benefit of 6-way decision making! We seem to have landed on Hong Kong, at least for now. Washington, DC and Geneva will inevitably make it onto the schedule and I’m trying to work Paris into the mix…. Let’s see!

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Keane from Keane Travels is a travel writer living in San Francisco. He will be blogging on bars & nightlife in San Francisco.

  • Favorite city travel destination? Rome. I spent a month there in May and it was probably the best month of my life. I met so many great people and had such a fantastic time wandering the city from morning to late night every single day. I am in love with this city.
  • Most memorable meal while traveling? Tagliatelle from an Italian restaurant in Sant’Arcangelo di Romagna. It was the best pasta I ever had. It was also perhaps also my “worst” meal in the sense that all pasta after that was set to this ridiculously high standard.
  • Top city destination on your 2013 travel list? Definitely Paris. I’ve always wanted to go to Paris, even before my current obsession with Italy. I had always wanted to learn French, way before I even considered studying Italian. Paris is number one on my list of places I want to visit. Not surprisingly, I would want to go back to Italy during this same trip.

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Ketty from French Foodie in Dublin is a French expat and food travel blogger based in Dublin, Ireland. She will be sharing with us her best restaurant and café tips for Dublin.

  • Favorite city travel destination? Paris, not because I’m French, but because it’s the city I’ve always returned to without getting bored of it. I love the architecture, the art, and, of course, the food.
  • Most memorable meal while traveling? An Argentinian steak eaten during a barbecue in Patagonia in Argentina. It was during a 4×4 off-road tour where we stopped in the forest to eat.
  • 2013 travel plans? I’m planning to travel to New York City to spend St Patrick’s day, and then head to New Orleans. I’m also thinking of going to Russia and will have a few short trips in Europe.

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Pola from Jetting Around is a Chicago-based travel writer originally from Poland. She will be sharing with us her best restaurant and café tips for Chicago.

  • Favorite city travel destination? Paris. The city has a vibe that only few places have. I love the city for its physical beauty, walkability, elegance, the cafe culture, and gypsy jazz. There is something about Paris that haunts me after I leave and makes me long to be back, always. I can only hope that one day I could live there, even if only for a short while…
  • Most memorable meal while traveling? A late-night tacos in Mexico City, at a hole-in-the-wall place in the historic center. The tacos were fresh, spicy, and you could choose from a lot of ingredients. As a vegetarian, I had no problem getting the right toppings, and one of the people working there saw to it that I didn’t leave hungry! I appreciated his recommendations, the best of which was a potato and onion mixture. I have yet to have tacos that good.
  • Top destinations on your 2013 travel list? Argentina & Scotland. I’ve wanted to visit Scotland since a friend of mine sent me a postcard when we were in high school, plus my married name is Scottish. That alone is a good-enough reason to visit. As far as Argentina, I have my eyes set on exploring South America, but a TV show I watched a few years ago made me particularly interested in Buenos Aires and Mendoza.

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Rose from Velvet Rose Cakes is an English food blogger living in North London. She set up her home baking business in July this year. She will be sharing with us her favorite vegan cupcake recipes.

  • Favorite city travel destination? Sydney. It’s a city with so much to offer: great food, wine, and the beach and harbour mean you always feel like you’re on holiday.
  • Most memorable meal while traveling? A 10-course, Michelin-starred, vegetarian degustation menu with rather expensive French champagne. This was the day after my husband and I got married in 2010 and we still talk about it.
  • Top city destination on your 2013 travel list? My husband and I turn 30 next year so we are definitely having a big holiday – perhaps Hawaii or South East Asia. It has to have good food and offer us a split holiday with adventure and relaxation.

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22 responses to “Coming in 2013: 10 fellow flâneurs

    • Pola, it’s me who is so excited to have the honor to team up with you all!

      I am sure the readers of flânerie will absolutely love your blog posts.

      Thank you so much for contributing to flânerie!

  1. This is wonderful stuff!
    Congrats on three fab months and loads of good times and great posts to come!


  2. Congratulations Miret on your 3 month anniversary! I’m really excited to be part of your team and can’t wait to see what the next 3 months have in store:)

    • Thank you, Jeanette! 🙂

      I’m pretty confident that – thanks to all you amazing contributing flâneurs – the next three months and the entire next year will be a successful one! 🙂

  3. Reblogged this on Global Grazers and commented:
    One of my very favorite foodie travel blogs, Flânerie Féminine, celebrates its 3 month anniversary today. At Global Grazers, we’re really excited to be part of Flânerie’s exciting new guest-blogging team. Please head on over and sign up. Trust me, you won’t want to miss out on all the excitement of Zurich, Vienna, Paris, London and beyond!

  4. Miret! I feel so fortunate to have met you on Twitter! I’m so excited to be part of this great group of contributors… I’m really looking forward to getting to know you all through your blogs! And Miret, thanks again for the opportunity!

  5. Reblogged this on Cristina Bonetti and commented:
    Flânerie Féminine, a lovely and stunning food-travel blog by Miret Padovani, celebrates its 3 month anniversary today. I’m happy to announce to be part of Flânerie’s guest-blogging team 😉
    In the list below you can find all social details of my new friends and our “discussion – themes”, so if you like the project… Subscribe our blogs and follow us on Facebook & Twitter!!!
    • Andrea from My Life in Reverse will be blogging on the gastro scene in Vancouver.
    o Web:
    o Twitter: @AndreaMueller10
    o Facebook:!/LivingMyLifeInReverse
    • Anisha from A Niche World: Emerging travel destinations.
    o Web:
    o Twitter: @anishabbc
    • Me (Un’Oca in Cucina): Italian cuisine recipes (veggie).
    o Web:
    o Twitter: @Mamma_Oca
    o Facebook:
    • David from In Mozart’s Footsteps: Musical sites in Vienna.
    o Web:
    o Twitter: @MusicalTravel
    o Facebook:
    • Jaillan from Savoir There: Cocktails.
    o Web:
    o Twitter: @SavoirThere
    o Facebook:!/SavoirThere
    • Jeanette & her family from Global Grazers: Gastro scene in Abidjan.
    o Web:
    o Twitter: @global_grazers
    o Facebook:!/GlobalGrazers
    • Keane from Keane Travels: Bars & nightlife in San Francisco.
    o Web:
    o Twitter: @keaneiscool
    o Facebook:!/keanetravels
    • Kitty from French Foodie in Dublin: Gastro scene in Dublin.
    o Web:
    o Twitter: @FrenchfoodieinD
    o Facebook:!/FrenchFoodieInDublin?fref=ts
    • Pola from Jetting Around: Gastro scene in Chicago.
    o Web:
    o Twitter: @jettingaround
    o Facebook:

    • Rosie from Velvet Rose Cakes: Vegan cupcake recipes.
    o Web:
    o Twitter: @VelvetRoseCakes
    o Facebook:
    At the end the mum-project!!!
    • Miret from Flânerie Féminine
    o Web:
    o Twitter: @zurichvienna
    o Facebook:

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