I want to “Go with Oh” to Vienna

“That’s a nice girl, that. But she ought to go careful in Vienna. Everybody ought to go careful in a city like this.” The Third Man

Living and working in a city for a year is not the same thing as visiting that city for a few days or even a couple of weeks. The one advantage of visiting a city for just three or four days is that you get to indulge in as many delish local delicacies as you want without feeling guilty!

Reason why, I would love to Go with Oh back to Vienna for a few days of foodie flânerie, re-savor the things I absolutely loved during my one-year stay, and share these yummy moments with others via Twitter & Facebook.

The year I spent in Vienna turned out to be one of the happiest years in my life. And spending a few days doing the 10 things below might very well turn out to be my happiest foodie holiday ever!

  • Drink an Eiskaffee at Café Central with live piano music in the background (after 5 p.m.).

  • Enjoy an oriental breakfast at Café Ansari, a Georgian restaurant in the second district and a short walk away from the Prater amusement park.

  • Have breakfast at Rudolf Oelz, a cozy bakery & coffee house in the third district (also known as the Diplomats’ district).

  • Drink Mozart Kaffee (coffee, whipped cream, chocolate liqueur, almonds) at Café Mozart, the place where Graham Greene worked on the screenplay of The Third Man.

  • Savor a vegan dessert at Yamm, a vegetarian restaurant in the inner city with a pay-by-weight buffet.

  • Grab an ice cream from Eis Geissler, a vegan ice cream parlor.

  • Eat lunch or dinner at Tian, a fine dining vegetarian restaurant.

  • Grab a pretzel (possibly with brie cheese) from one of the many pretzel stands in the city.

  • Buy Middle Eastern delicacies from Naschmarkt, a popular open air food market in the sixth district.

  • Have lunch at Zimmer 37 in Karmelitermarkt, another open air food market, which is very popular on Saturdays.


One of the questions that Go with Oh ask is: Which person would you love to take with you (friend, family, celebrity…!)?

Now, this is a difficult question to answer. I can think of several people I would like to spend a few days with, discovering new and old places, wandering, drinking coffee in cafés. But the other person should also be thrilled at the idea of spending some time with me!

So what if I let you tell me who should come with me … IF I win?!

Why don’t you send me your love letters, explaining why you would like to travel with me around Europe? Because it’s not just about traveling, it’s about traveling with me.

The contest is for four cities in one month – meaning I could probably also pick one travel companion per city.

A few rules don’t harm…
– First of all, show me some love, please, by liking my page on Facebook.
– Post your love note on my Facebook wall, making sure it is visible to the public (check your private settings).
– If you believe you can express your love better in German or Italian, rather than in English, please feel free to write your note in your preferred language.
– Deadline: Sunday, Dec 2, 2012.

And what if I don’t win the travel blogger competition? You can never know… I might still be flattered enough by your love words to take you on one of my next city breaks!


Make sure you check out www.gowithoh.com where you can win a fantastic prize in their Facebook competition!

12 responses to “I want to “Go with Oh” to Vienna

  1. It makes me smile that you chose Vienna as your destination since just yesterday I was thinking to myself, “I would LOVE to go back to Vienna.” 🙂 I only got to spend one night there several years ago, and I am aching to return one day. I hope you win and I hope you get to go to your beloved Vienna! 🙂

    • Thank you, Krista 🙂

      You can never know, maybe the Gods of travel blogger contests will listen to my prayers just this one time…

      You should send me a love letter! The more letters I receive, the merrier… plus, you get a chance to win a trip to Europe! 😉

  2. Miret, our mouths are watering over here! Awesome post about the best bites and tastiest beverages Vienna has to offer! Wishing you all the best of luck with our contest!

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