My top 3 meals

A friend of mine asked me today which of all the meals I’ve blogged about were my top three.

His question wasn’t an easy one, as I’ve really enjoyed most of those meals! Still, there are three meals that quickly came to my mind.

Where have you had your best meal lately?

Brunch @ Café Norden, Copenhagen, Denmark


  • Brunch: whole grain bread, white bread, brie cheese, Port Salut cheese, tomato, lettuce, sliced fruits, yogurt with cereal and berries, cake, orange juice, and a hot drink, 180 DKK (or 24,00 €)

Lunch @ Muscade, Paris, France


  • Baked goat cheese with French fries, 12,00 €
  • Diet coke, 4,50 €

Lunch @ 10 Corso Como, Milan, Italy


  • Mushroom risotto, 20,00 €
  • Papaya, melon, strawberry ice cream, 8,00 €
  • Espresso, 3,50 €
  • Mineral water, 1 liter, 4,oo €

12 responses to “My top 3 meals

  1. I thought I knew all the good vegetarian places in Paris, but clearly not! I shall have to try that one out when I’m next there 🙂


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