Viennese coffee specialties

Vienna is known for its café culture – and rightly so. Here are a few coffee specialties you will find in any Viennese coffee house.

Kleiner Brauner: An espresso served with coffee cream. But not everywhere… If you order one at Aida Café, you’ll get an espresso topped with whipped cream.

What in most European countries is commonly known as latte macchiato is called in Vienna Kaffee verkehrt, which literally means “reversed coffee”, because it contains more milk than coffee.

Salon Einspänner: An aromatic double espresso topped with whipped cream and served with a wafer stick.

Franziskaner: Espresso, hot frothy milk, whipped cream.

My absolute favorite hot coffee specialty is Mozart Kaffee. But you shouldn’t just order it anywhere. The way they prepare it at Mozart Café is unique: double espresso with whipped cream, Mozart liqueur and almonds. And, by the way, Mozart Café is where Graham Greene worked on the screenplay of “The Third Man” in 1947.

And my favorite cold coffee specialty? If you’re familiar with my blog, you should know the answer already! Exactly: Eiskaffee!

29 responses to “Viennese coffee specialties

  1. Hey,
    I tried the Einspanner at Cafe Sperl and the Brauner in many coffee houses. But my absolute favourite was the Maria Theresia with orange liqueur & orange zest at Cafe Landtmann…mmmmmm! I miss it!!!

    • You should definitely visit Vienna again! And hopefully you can make it coincide when I go there, too! I can never get enough from Vienna… I’ll spend New Year’s there… SO excited! 🙂

  2. Awww – I´m travelling to vienna next weekend and can`t wait to have my next melange with my lovely sister who lives in beautiful vienna!

  3. Great coffee photos! I want all of them yum, especially the Kaffee verkehrt. Need to get there someday to experience them all. To coffee!

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