4 under the lens: Veggie treats in Paris

Parisians love their meat. The word “vegetarian” is blasphemy to their ears. If you add to that the fact that quite a few restaurants were closed because of the November 1st holiday, you’ll understand why I feared my idea of a veggie food tour of Paris would be mission impossible.

But was it?

Well, it depends. If you eat cheese, like I do, then eating out in Paris as a vegetarian is not that frustrating. You can, for instance, grab a cheese sandwich at any one of the numerous enticing-looking boulangeries lining the streets of Paris.

Here are four veggie (or veggie-friendly) spots I checked out during my short stay in Paris last week.

The overall rating I give below is based on the quality of the food, as well as on the service and the meal’s price-to-quality ratio .

Ratings: Outstanding / Very good / Mediocre / Bad / Terrible

Gentle Gourmet Café

This 100% vegan restaurant is off the tourist path in Paris, but definitely worth a visit.

It is a fine dining restaurant serving elaborated dishes, and also has a cozy bar area where you can order coffee and cake. And that’s what I did: I ordered a latte made of rice milk, as well as gluten-free vanilla cake served with vanilla ice cream.

The dessert looked pretty and tasted very good. And the rice milk latte was the best latte I had in Paris!

Price: 12,50 €

Rating: Very good

Website: http://www.gentlegourmetcafe.fr

Vegan Folie’s

Vegan Folie’s is a 100% vegan cupcake bakery nestled in the vibrant Quartier Latin. The place is quite tiny with only two bar stools, so – if the weather is not too lousy – you might rather opt for take-away.

They have around ten different cupcakes, three of which are savory. As I had never had a savory cupcake before, I decided to try two: the Lebanese, made of falafel and hummus, and the Italian, made of basil and sun-dried tomatoes. They also have an Indian cupcake, with curry and garam masala.

Both cupcakes tasted good. This is a good address where to grab an afternoon snack while wandering in the 5th arrondissement.

Price: 8,o0 €

Rating: Mediocre

Website: http://www.veganfolies.fr

Le 144

Le 144 is a fast casual restaurant located on Rue St. Honoré, close to the Louvre museum and other tourist attractions.

Though not a vegetarian-only place, they have loads of options for vegetarians and a couple of lunch combination menus. I went for the bagel menu: bagel sandwich, dessert, and soda drink.

You can get your own bagel sandwich prepared by choosing: the type of bread (poppy seed or sesame), the spread (cream cheese or mustard with honey), and four ingredients. I chose poppy seed bread, cream cheese, cheddar cheese, mozzarella, goat cheese, and sun-dried tomatoes. (Yes, I love cheese!)

As for dessert, the choice is really large: several tarts, cakes, yogurt with cereal and fruit. I grabbed a fruit salad.

The bagel sandwich and the fruit salad were really good. This is definitely a place I would recommend for a quick lunch near the Louvre.

Price: 10,00 €

Rating: Very good

Website: NA


This is fine dining restaurant located near the Louvre museum and, more specifically, in the gorgeous Jardins du Palais Royal. Although in a very touristic area, Muscade wasn’t crowded when I went for lunch, making the atmosphere a truly enjoyable one.

They have several vegetarian dishes on their menu and I had baked goat cheese with French fries and a diet coke. The cheese was an extremely pleasant surprise, especially since I wasn’t too sure what it would look like. I had warm goat cheese several times in the past, but the cheese was always spread on pieces of bread, rather than being served “pure” as it was here. Loved it!

The restaurant’s interiors are so pretty and the service truly outstanding.

Price: 16,50 €

Rating: Outstanding

Website: http://www.muscade-palais-royal.com

12 responses to “4 under the lens: Veggie treats in Paris

  1. Besides Muscat, I’d be really curious to try the first place, especially the latte!

    As a vegetarian, but not a vegan, I had no issues getting stuffed in Paris! Cheese baguettes, crepes, and coffee were my main fuel, although I did more elegant dinners too.

  2. I’m so glad you were able to find such delicious places to eat!! Although I am not vegetarian, I do love eating vegetarian on a regular basis and would really like to try these places the next time I’m in Paris. 🙂

  3. Impressive… I missed both this post and all these places. As a vegetarian who visits Paris at least once I year, I thought I knew all the good places, but obviously I’ve become set in my ways and need to get out and explore more!

    Muscade sounds like a must visit for me 🙂


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