Paris in black & white

If I chose the name “flânerie féminine” for my blog, there must be some reason behind it, right? Bloggers don’t pick random names for their blogs.

I’ve always loved walking. Or should I say “wandering”. Actually no, I prefer the French word “flâner“, for which there is no direct equivalent in any other language.

The figure of the flâneur has inspired many writers and philosophers, who themselves were assiduous flâneurs or flâneuses: Charles Baudelaire (1812-1867, Paris), Walter Benjamin (1892, Berlin – 1940, Catalonia), Robert Walser (1878, Biel – 1956, Herisau), Virginia Woolf (1882, London – 1941, East Sussex), just to name a few.

Paris is the city that taught many of them the art of flânerie. So what else should I do when I’m in Paris? 😉

Here are some pictures I took today while strolling the streets of Paris.

30 responses to “Paris in black & white

    • Thank you! 🙂

      Today (Nov 1st) is a holiday in many European cities, including Paris. Which meant that only the very touristic places were relatively crowded. Otherwise, Paris was empty, as you notice! Haha 🙂

  1. I especially like the spikes on the fence. i haven’t seen anyone use them in a photo quite that way before. Thanks for following my blog and I’ll keep coming back to visit yours – though I think I could put on weight just looking at your food shots!

  2. J’aime Paris, toujours! Je t’envoie beaucoup!
    Á Paris il faut se promener partout sans souci. Il faut regarder les journées avec le soleil et la pluie ensemble e puis admirer les palais et les arbres, les même de Verlaine …
    J’amerai bien de vivre là-bas et j’éspère un jour de le pouvoir faire.
    Bonne journée …e bonne Paris..

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