Getting in the mood for Paris

The best way I can think of getting in the mood for my next destination while packing is to listen to songs from that country, especially if that country is France and the music we’re talking about is la merveilleuse chanson française!

So, as I prepare to leave for a long weekend (though weekends can never be too long, can they??) in Paris, here’s a list of a few French songs I really like:

What are your favorite French songs?

17 responses to “Getting in the mood for Paris

  1. a song that makes me smile every time I hear it (I actually don’t really know why) is “Ma gonzesse” from Renaud. I also like “Ben l’oncle soul” or “Elle habite ici” from DePalmas…

  2. What a cool selection of songs! ZAZ is amazing! As far as French music, I am obsessed with gypsy jazz that was born in Paris in the 1930s. Of course, there are some Edith Piaf songs too. And I love the soundtrack to the movie “Paris” from, I think, 2006.

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