My top five tips for foodies visiting Vienna

Today is my very last day in Vienna. After a wonderful, exciting year living in this beautiful city, I will surely miss it.

Here are my five must-do tips for any food enthusiast visiting the Austrian capital.

Of course, there are literally hundreds of things a foodie can do in Vienna: lots of different coffee specialties & pastries to try out, food souvenirs to take back home, etc. But the must-do’s below are my personal favorites!

No. 1: Treat yourself to an Eiskaffee at Café Central.

Wiener Eiskaffee (or Viennese iced coffee) is a summer must in Vienna for tourists and locals alike.

It is made of cold coffee poured over vanilla ice cream, topped with whipped cream and a wafer. Some cafés in Vienna also add chocolate-covered coffee beans on the top, while others serve extra vanilla-cream-filled wafers.

Café Central makes the best Eiskaffee in Vienna – hands down. Also, it is the only café with live piano music every single day from 5 to 10 p.m.

No. 2: Take a food stroll around Naschmarkt.

Naschmarkt is a very lively open-air market located in Vienna’s 6th district. It is one of those places I am totally addicted to. I love the colors of its food stands.

No. 3: Have breakfast!

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Well, at least for the Viennese it certainly is.

The typical Wiener Frühstück (meaning “Viennese breakfast” in German) is composed of coffee, orange juice, croissant, bread, butter, jam. But there are many other breakfast combinations served in dozens of cafés and restaurants in the city.

A great breakfast I had lately was at Rudolf Oelz, located in Vienna’s third district.

No. 4: Enjoy a meal at Tian.

Tian is a 100% vegetarian restaurant & café and also has what it calls a “” selling homemade pastries and desserts. It is my favorite restaurant in Vienna. Food and service are just fabulous!

No. 5: Buy a Sacher Torte to take back home.

This is the Viennese cake par excellence. You just can’t leave Vienna without buying one (or two) to take back home with you!

13 responses to “My top five tips for foodies visiting Vienna

    • Being veggie is not always easy, especially when traveling a lot. But I always hated meat even as a kid, so it’s quite easy for me to stick with it 😉

      Sorry to read your Eiskaffee didn’t look great 😦 But the taste is more important than the looks! (After all, it’s not a man, is it? ;-))

  1. Can’t wait to try some of these next week when I visit Vienna! I turned veg, well, Pescetarian, 2 yrs ago – can be tough abroad. Always on look out for good veg & vegan restaurants…thanks for the tips

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