Toronto in black & white

Although I usually prefer taking photos with bright colors, I’ve been taking mostly black & white photos since I arrived in Toronto yesterday.

It must be the skyscrapers. They look prettier in B&W photos. Or, at least, that’s my opinion!

Here are a few B&W pictures I took while strolling around this amazing Canadian city.

29 responses to “Toronto in black & white

      • I visited in July and it was at the end of a 15 month trip around the world. I think I was ready to head home and wasn’t motivated to get out and do things. Also, I was getting adjusted to being in North American again after being away for so long. I found that the North American accents were hard to listen to after hearing Aussie, Kiwi, English and Scottish for most of the time I was away.

  1. I love that you chose black and white for this series of photos. 🙂 I agree – sometimes cities are best captured void of color. That way you really see the lines, angles, lighting, etc. 🙂

  2. Wow you have an amazing blog with great pictures – love it! And I see you are as interested in food & architecture as mee, how great is that! 🙂 These B&W pictures remind me of the Chicago in the early 20th, good color choice.


    • Thank you so much for your flattering words!
      Though I usually don’t take B&W photos, I am very glad I did this time. The photos wouldn’t have been so nice in color, I guess!

  3. The angles work beautifully. When my photos are “squint” it’s usually by accident. I seem to have a list to one side. Many thanks for following. Your header is fabulous. Where is it, please?

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