4 under the lens: Wiener Eiskaffee (2)

As a farewell salute to summer and following an earlier post where I reviewed four Wiener Eiskaffee‘s, I decided to review four more…

Wiener Eiskaffee is made of cold coffee poured over vanilla ice cream, topped with whipped cream and a wafer. Some cafés in Vienna also add chocolate-covered coffee beans on the top, while others serve extra vanilla cream-filled wafers.

The overall rating is based on the quality of an Eiskaffee‘s main four ingredients (coffee, vanilla ice cream, whipped cream, wafer), as well as any extras served with the Eiskaffee.

Ratings: Outstanding / Very good / Mediocre / Bad / Terrible

Café Museum

Café Museum is one of seven traditional Viennese cafés owned by the family Querfeld. I love its red interiors – the colors are so intense.

The Eiskaffee is very good and comes with an extra vanilla cream-filled wafer as well as a chocolate sauce topping.

Price: 6,00 €

Rating: Very good

Café Prückel

The interiors of Café Prückel may look a little torn down, but there’s a cozy feeling to it. The atmosphere is very calm and there’s no background music.

The Eiskaffee here is made with both vanilla and coffee ice cream, whereas traditional Eiskaffee only has vanilla ice cream in it. It’s very delicious and is the cheapest Eiskaffee I’ve had so far in Vienna.

Price: 4,20 €

Rating: Very good

Café Griensteidl

Café Griensteidl is a typical Viennese café very close to Hofburg where people come for an hour or two of coffee-sipping, cake-eating, and paper-reading.

The Eiskaffee is good but its price is a bit too high, given that it comes with no extra specials (wafers, toppings, etc.)

Price: 6,40 €

Rating: Mediocre

Café Odeon (Zurich!)

This might sound weird, but I had the best Wiener Eiskaffee in… Zurich!

Café Odeon has a long history. A few of its regulars in the past: Bertold Brecht, Thomas Mann, Friedrich Dürenmatt, Max Frisch, Herman Hesse, James Joyce, Albert Einstein, Lenin… And the background music is cool – lots of songs from the eighties.

The Eiskaffee is bigger than the ones served in Vienna and has lots of whipped cream. Loved it!

Price: 9,00 SFr. (or 7,50 €)

Rating: Outstanding

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