Beautiful Copenhagen, Denmark

I visited Copenhagen for a few days last month and was truly impressed by its beauty. It does not take more than a couple of hours to understand why the Danes top the UN’s World Happiness Report. Denmark’s capital city is really stunning.

What also made me fall in love with this city is that I had my best brunch this summer at one of its cafés: Café Norden.

Brunch at Café Norden is served daily till 1 p.m. (on Sundays till 2 p.m.). It costs 180 DKK (or 24 €) and is composed of whole grain bread, white bread, brie cheese, Port Salut cheese, ham, sliced fruits, yogurt with cereal and berries, cake, orange juice, and a hot drink. Since I’m a vegetarian, they substituted the ham with tomato and lettuce.

I loved that café so much that I went back twice during my four-day stay!

Here are a few pictures I took of both the city and … Café Norden!

10 responses to “Beautiful Copenhagen, Denmark

  1. ah, you mean, mean, woman! I have been craving a trip to Copenhagen for months now. I used to live there, right by Nyhavn, but I was too much of a workaholic at the time to properly explore the city. Now I want another chance. Thank you for letting me live vicariously with these photos!

    • Lol! Well, I’m glad to read you enjoyed the photos.

      Copenhagen is indeed an amazing city. I’d like to spend a couple of weeks there next summer. I’d avoid the winter months, though. I don’t enjoy freezing while visiting a city! 😉

  2. I had a tumultuous relationship with Copenhagen (lived there 4 yrs) and struggled to make peace with many things, but these photos (had a total flashback of Cafe Norden) reminded me of how nice it could be when the nice days came along. Glad you had such a fabulous time. (And yes, if possible wait until the few weeks of summer set in…unless you are a fan of melancholy and all things ‘hyggelit’. The winters can be incredibly dark, wet and somewhat dismal).

    • I heard winter can be tough in Copenhagen. Having grown up in Kuwait, Egypt, and Italy, I prefer a sunnier and warmer climate!

      If I understand correctly, you’re in Cairo right now? Last time I was there was June 2010. Not sure how “calm” things are at the moment and how safe it would be for me as a single woman to come and visit again soon…

      • It is tough especially if you’re used to getting your Vitamin D. I was born and raised in Canada and while it gets bloody cold there, the sun comes out and the -25 deg cold is more manageable somehow. It’s a cold where you layer clothes…not a wet kind of cold (a la Denmark) that’s aching, soggy and gets into the bones. When summer finally comes though, it’s a fabulous place to be. I can recall late nights sitting with friends in the park for an impromptu picnic and drinking hydleblomst (elder flower) mixed with water or cheap champagne…fabulous.

        Still in Cairo and…it’s relatively calm though some things have changed since the uprising. I think as long as you conduct yourself as you would anywhere else you’d be fine, the only exceptions being: 1) you will still probably get harassed regardless of what you wear and where you wear it and 2) I’d steer clear of travelling into Sinai at the moment.

  3. I am a food lover and I guess Denmark would be a great place for me to go to after reading your post. What pastry shop or a coffee shop would you recommend to me? Thanks in advance.

    • Thank you, Agness, for your comment!

      I totally fell in love with Café Norden ( It had loads of pastries, cakes, and an amazing brunch menu. Also the latte was very delish!

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