4 under the lens: Breakfast spots in Vienna (2)

I wrote a blog story sometime ago on four breakfast places in Vienna. Here is a review of four more places I’ve tried out very recently.

The overall rating is based on the quality of the food, the variety of breakfast options offered by the restaurant’s menu, as well as the atmosphere and the friendliness of the waitstaff.

Ratings: Outstanding / Very good / Mediocre / Bad / Terrible

Café Museum

Café Museum is one of seven traditional Viennese cafés owned by the family Querfeld. I love its red interiors – the colors are so intense.

The café has a long breakfast menu. Probably the most popular breakfast combination is the “Large Viennese Breakfast”: a hot drink (e.g. coffee, cappuccino, latte macchiato), orange juice, sliced cheese, cottage cheese, ham, bread, seasonal fruits, yogurt with granola and fruits.

Ordering the veggie version of this breakfast dish meant the waiter took off the ham. I had forgotten to tell him I don’t eat eggs, either!

The atmosphere in the café is really pleasant, and the service very friendly.

Rating: Very good

Website: http://www.cafemuseum.at


This is a Georgian restaurant with pretty interiors located at Karmelitermarkt in Vienna’s second district. The market is quiet during the week, but very lively on Saturdays.

Madiani’s oriental breakfast is very popular (6,80 €): feta cheese, olives, humus, za’atar (a Middle Eastern spice blend), cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, yogurt, and pita bread. A latte macchiato costs 3,30 €.

The interiors are pretty. It’s a real shame that the waitstaff is quite unfriendly!

Rating: Mediocre

Website: madiani.com

Café Prückel

The interiors of this café may look a little torn down, but there’s a cosy feeling to it.

Café Prückel has a good breakfast menu with plenty of choice. However, cheese-lovers need to make good with gouda cheese only. The variety of whole grain bread isn’t large either. But both the gouda cheese and the sourdough bread I ate were good.

I also ordered an iced coffee (Wiener Eiskaffee), which is an usual breakfast item, but nevertheless a very delicious one! It was made with both vanilla and coffee ice cream (Eiskaffee traditionally only has vanilla ice cream in it).

Prices are very fair, and the iced coffee was the cheapest I’ve had so far in Vienna.

Rating: Mediocre

Website: http://www.prueckel.at

Corns n’ pops

The food served here is no ordinary one. Indeed, Corns n’ Pops’s specialty is muesli, a breakfast meal made of cereals, fruits, and nuts.

Corns n’ Pops has all sorts of cereals beautifully arranged in a buffet, together with a large selection of dried fruits and nuts. There is also a bowl with sliced fresh fruits, as well as several toppings, such as honey, chocolate sauce, or even smarties.

Customers can put together their own muesli mix and then add yogurt and/or milk to it (4 €).

High-quality ingredients, very tasty bagels, and a charming waitstaff make this a pleasant breakfast at any time of the day!

Rating: Very good

Website: www.cornsnpops.com

4 responses to “4 under the lens: Breakfast spots in Vienna (2)

  1. Thanks for sharing this! I admit I never went out to have breakfast when I lived in Switzerland, but since I’m living in Vienna I am really enjoying it! I think I will try Cornsnpops this weekend! 😀

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