4 under the lens: Vegan desserts

I became a vegetarian when I was 16. Now I am about to turn 33. So, if you do the math, you’ll realize I’ve been a vegetarian for quite a while now.

Over the past years, I’ve lived in Italy, the UK, Switzerland (both in the German-speaking and in the French-speaking regions), and Austria. I found the UK and Geneva to be the toughest places to be a vegetarian; Zurich and Vienna the easiest. Perhaps even way too easy!

Here is a review of four vegan desserts (no eggs, no diary products) I’ve had in different restaurants or cafés over the past weeks.

Ratings: Outstanding / Very good / Mediocre / Bad / Terrible

Vegan blueberry & coconut cake (Nice Rice, Vienna)

This is a very down-to-earth place in the Raimundhof alleyway, just off Mariahilferstrasse, Vienna’s busiest shopping street.

It has a small menu that changes almost completely every day. All desserts are prepared without eggs, and a couple are totally vegan.

I went for the vegan blueberry-cocunut cake. Not only was it very tasty, but it was also beautifully arranged on the plate.

Rating: Very good

Website: http://www.nicerice.at

Vegan carrot cake (Yamm, Vienna)

This restaurant has a pay-by-weight 100% vegetarian buffet with around 30 cold and hot dishes to choose from.

It has a large variety of desserts, though not all of them are vegan. I tried out the vegan carrot cake.

The cake tasted really good, but the icing on the top was very sweet. Actually, a bit too sweet for my taste.

Rating: Mediocre

Website: http://www.yamm.at

Vegan tiramisù (Tibits, Zürich)

I got excited about this place even before moving to Zurich. I had read about it when I was living in the UK and couldn’t wait to try it out.

Since then, I must have eaten there a couple of hundred of times!

It has several vegan desserts in its 100% vegetarian buffet. My favorite is the tiramisù.

The recipe is not always the same, though. I’ve tried out three different types of tiramisù: strawberry, pineapple & coconut, and the more traditional coffee. All three tasted awesome!

Rating: Outstanding

Website: http://www.tibits.ch

Veganisù (Samses, Zürich)

The third on this list to have a pay-by-weight vegetarian buffet, Samses is located on Langstrasse, which is considered Zurich’s “red light” street.

It has a selection of five desserts, three of which are vegan: chocolate mousse, muffins, and tiramisù.

But notice the name: Veganisù rather than “vegan tiramisu”. The waitstaff does make it clear that this dessert tastes like tiramisù, but is not exactly tiramisù.

Knowing that, I must say it tastes really good!

Rating: Very good

Website: http://www.samses.ch

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