Sunday brunch at… Halle im MuseumsQuartier

Name three things art and food have in common.

Now, that’s not an easy one, is it? I could personally think of several things bringing food and art together. But let’s stick to three.

  1. Food makes a great subject for still life paintings.
  2. Beautifully arranging dishes is an expression of art.
  3. Most, probably all, major art museums in the world also offer great dining options.

The third point doesn’t get any closer to the real thing than in MuseumsQuartier, Vienna’s Museum District. This is one of the places in Vienna I am totally addicted to. Not only because it offers all year long an exciting program full of art exhibitions, guided tours, fashion shows, etc., but also because its cafés and restaurants are among the best in town. And I’m not exaggerating!

This morning, I decided to go to Halle for brunch. I had already been there once for a latte and was eager to try out its brunch / breakfast menu.

The restaurant is quite big and has outdoor seating as well, which is very popular among locals in the summer. Given the rather cold weather, though, I preferred to sit indoors.

The menu had several breakfast combinations, though no vegetarian ones to choose from. But that wasn’t really a problem. I asked the waitress to magically turn the Kunsthallen-Frühstück into a veggie breakfast and it was, indeed, a very good mix of food items.

The original breakfast combination – as on their menu – would have been: ham, salami, gouda cheese, brie cheese, cottage cheese, a soft-boiled egg, radish, yogurt with granola and fruits, whole grain bread, a bread bun, and butter.

The veggie version I got: take away the ham, salami, and egg – add more of all types of cheeses and radish. An excellent solution for a cheese maniac like myself!

The food was amazing, the café latte very good, too. There was definitely enough food on the plate to make me feel full.

I also loved the relaxed atmosphere in the restaurant. Add to that very friendly and professional waiting staff, and you’ll realize I have a very good reason to go back soon for more!



  • Kunsthallen breakfast, 9,80 €
  • Caffe latte, 3,50 €



Address: Museumsplatz 1, 1070 Vienna

Opening hours: Daily, 10:00 a.m.-2:00 a.m.

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