Lunch at… Time Out

This past week has been a remarkably interesting one in terms of new restaurants I discovered while wandering around Vienna.

Two days ago, while heading to Café Prückel for lunch and just 100 meters from my destination, I decided to stop instead by another restaurant that had attracted my attention.

The restaurant, Time Out, belongs to the eponymous hotel, which has been recently completely renovated. It is located in a quiet street of Vienna’s 6th district, yet only a few steps away from the bustling Mariahilferstrasse.

I guess – though I cannot be 100% sure – that I was their very first client. Well, at least, that’s the impression I got from the waiters’ rather surprised reaction as they saw me step in. One waiter asked how he could “help” me, and I replied by asking if I could see the menu! I found that funny, to be honest.

The menu was at first somehow confusing, since it didn’t differentiate between “starters” and “main courses”. I was then told by the waitress who took care of my order that the portions were all similarly big / small.

So, not being sure what to expect in terms of how generous or not the portions were, I figured I would start with one dish and eventually order a second dish afterwards, if I were still hungry.

I started off with “creamy sheep-milk cheese with pepper chutney and walnut bread”. Since I love cheese, that choice carried a low risk of disappointing me.

And it surely didn’t.

Two different types of sheep-milk cheese (two slices of each) came with olives, cherry tomatoes, bread sticks, butter, chutney, and olive oil.

I was still hungry after what I considered to be the starter.

After a second investigation of the menu, I thought I’d go for the mozzarella dish, which was accompanied by “pesto sauce from Karl Schwillinsky” and begged the question “Who on earth is Mr. Schwilllinsky?” I didn’t bother asking, though, as the waitress might not have known the answer and I didn’t want to embarrass her.

The mozzarella dish also turned out to be very good, with only a small minus point: A bread stick with ham was added to the dish, and I found that non-veggie addition to an otherwise veggie dish quite strange. After all, there was no mention of that on the menu! I asked the waitress to kindly take it off the plate.

After finishing lunch, I decided to stay there for a little while sipping a second diet coke and catching up on some reading. The emptiness of the place provided a great, relaxing setting.

A restaurant I do recommend!



  • Creamy sheep-milk cheese with pepper chutney and walnut bread, 5,90 €
  • Mozzarella with pesto sauce from Karl Schwillinsky, 6,80 €
  • Bread, 3 pieces, 2,50 €
  • Diet coke, 2,60 €



Address: Windmühlgasse 6, 1060 Vienna

Opening hours: Mon-Sat, 8 a.m.-11 p.m.

2 responses to “Lunch at… Time Out

  1. We will be in Vienna in 2013 so I read this post with great interest. I’m going to be looking at hotels in the nest few days and will start here. Thanks for the post and great photos!

    • Thank you so much for your kind words! 🙂

      I’m glad that you find the information in my blog posts interesting. Please feel free to ask me, should you need more info re hotels / restaurants in Vienna.

      As for the hotel where this restaurant is: the location is a very nice one, especially if you like shopping streets and open air markets (Naschmarkt nearby).

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