Breakfast at… Motto am Fluss

A restaurant built in the shape of a ship and overlooking the Danube canal makes a perfect spot for an outdoor breakfast on a weekend morning.

But what if it’s pouring?

That’s what I asked myself when I passed by Motto am Fluss this morning. After a moment of hesitation, thinking I should better leave breakfast here to some other sunny day, I entered and asked for a table for one. The reason was simply because it was too cold and I was too lazy to walk any further in search of another breakfast place that would suit my mood. Living nearby, I’ve been to most places in the area.

The restaurant is usually fully booked. Yet, thanks to the lousy weather, I could get a table that was free until 11 a.m. (it was 8:30 a.m.).

Breakfast at Motto is served daily from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Rather than go for one of their breakfast combinations, I preferred to put together my own veggie breakfast choosing from the many individual breakfast items they have on their menu.

I ordered a caffe latte, freshly-squeezed orange juice, Urlaib bread (whole grain bread), La Marianne bread (sourdough bread), butter, emmental cheese, and camembert cheese.

When they brought the two “portions” of cheese to my table, I realized I should have first asked how big a portion was. I had assumed it would be one “piece” of cheese, but it turned out to be five, if not six!

Both the food and the service were very good. This is definitely a place I would recommend anyone visiting Vienna to eat at. Perhaps booking a table in advance is a good idea not to get disappointed.



  • Emmental cheese, 2,00 €
  • Camembert cheese, 2,00 €
  • Urlaib bread, 1 slice, 0,80 €
  • La Marianne bread, 1 slice, 0,80 €
  • Butter, 0,80 €
  • Caffe latte, 3,70 €
  • Orange juice, 5,60 €



Address: Schwedenplatz 2, 1010 Vienna

Opening hours: Daily, 8 a.m.-2 a.m.

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