Copenhagen Int’l Sand Sculpture Festival

Before going to Copenhagen in August 2012, I read about the International Sand Sculpture Festival and was wondering whether the sculptures could really look as good as they did on the festival’s website, given Copenhagen’s notoriously wet weather. And to my very pleasant surprise, they did. Actually, they looked even better than on the website!

The participating sand artists came from all over the world: Canada, Germany, Togo,… My favorite sculpture was the one by Bob Atisso from Togo.

If you’re wondering how the sculptures were built, how long it took the artists to build them, etc. here are the festival’s ten Q&A:

  1. What happens when it rains? Nothing? The sculptures prefer a typical Danish summer.
  2. What kind of sand are you using? We use sand with clay, as it makes the sculptures last longer.
  3. How long can the sculptures remain intact? They can remain intact for up to three months in the Danish summer weather.
  4. Who are the sand artists? The sand artists are some of the world’s best and come from four continents.
  5. How much sand have you used? Three thousand tons of sand have been stamped in wooden frames and added water.
  6. How tall are the sculptures? The tallest one is rising up in 10 meters height.
  7. How many sculptures are there? Twenty-one sculptures.
  8. How long does it take for the sand artists to do the sculpturing? They sculpture for one week. However, the sand pyramids take two weeks to prepare.
  9. Have you added cement to the sculptures? No. We spray them with water, so that they don’t dry out.
  10. Where can we find more information about the festival?


















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